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This is possibly the most sensitive area of our business. The public is extremely unforgiving of poor surfaces and unnecessary delays for repairs or surfacing works. You need someone you can depend on. We have an outstanding record of working with LAs to deliver perfect carriageway surfaces that are also perfectly planned to minimise disruption. From patch repairs to full dual carriageway dressing, our vast product range suits every timescale, budget and sustainability target.

Our carriageway solutions include:

Surface Dressing

Surface Dressing is the most efficient and cost-effective process for maintaining and preserving carriageways.
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KIELYpave™ is a high quality micro-asphalt which has been formulated in conjunction with one of the UK’s leading bitumen suppliers with input from one of Europe’s foremost specialists.
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We have dedicated and skilled teams in the KIELY Bros surfacing division have a surfacing solution to suit all requirements.
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KielyLock: Secures the 'chippings' in the road surface to enhance the performance of Surface Dressing.
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Versatile, economical and environmentally friendly recycling process for roads that have exceeded their life cycle.
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Footway solutions

We provide footway solutions for a range of commercial and trade clients.
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Surface Retexturing

An effective solution for increasing macro and micro texture to restore skid resistance and extend asset life of asphalt and concrete surfaces.
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A cost effective, environmentally efficient way to extend the life cycle of Asphalt surfaces.
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Hybrid Micro

Hybrid Micro draws upon the already established KIELYpave design methodology and further develops the key aspects of a premium Microsurfacing.
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