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At KIELY Bros. we believe that a job is only as good as the preparation before it. We offer a wide range of preparation services and techniques to provide longevity for any carriageway and footway solution. When it comes to Surface treatments preparation we understand that an in house package can save you time, money and manpower. We identify the needs as well as provide all operatives and equipment to prepare the carriageway/footway for any Surface treatment. 

Our preparation services include:


An environmentally efficient cold mix proprietary product designed for pothole and patch repair.
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Conventional Patching

Conventional hot mix asphalt used for carriageway patching which can be machine or hand laid.
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Siding Out

Siding out of carriageway & footways are required periodically to prevent excess vegetation from intruding on to the surface.
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Crack & Joint Seal

Crack and Joint Seal is an innovative system to repair small surface deformations in a carriageway and footway.
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Stud Removal

Kiely Bros have stud removal crews to facilitate the removal of any stud before any surfacing or surface treatment works are carried out.
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Ironwork Adjustment/Renewal

Ironwork adjustment is a key part to any surfacing and surface treatment option. Our team of engineers use high quality materials that cut down on cost and time.
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Gully Cleaning

Gully Cleaning is an essential part of a councils responsibility to maintain their infrastructure. Kiely bros can take the responsibility away for you.
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Kerbing is needed when the original carriageway kerb infrastructure has degraded or  has dropped below the original surface level.
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