Design & Planning

With Kiely Bros, off-the-shelf is never on the table.

We believe that every job is different and needs approaching on its own merits. And that’s part of what makes us different too. However big or small your surfacing task or budget, we’ll work with you to find a bespoke solution. Planning is the key to success – as, we believe, is transparency. Our highly trained account managers and designers will be completely upfront about what can be achieved with the resources at your disposal and they’ll work closely with you every step of the way to deliver a cost-effective, lasting, environmentally sound solution.

Initial Brief - 
Pre Start Meeting

Kiely Bros management team and client meet for the first time and discuss the parameters of the contract with goals and expectations agreed.

Identify Solution -
walk & Build

A collaborative approach with experienced Kiely Bros staff to identify the best carriageway solution for the clients sites.

Design and Risk Assessment

Design team meet with Kiely engineers to identify site needs and client budget. Site risk management assessed and identified.

Plan & 
Programme Sites

Kiely Bros management team will programme sites to include dates, design TM etc. Permit requests to clients for road spacing will be submitted.


Client and Kiely Bros agree the design of all sites. Any additional extra services added to the design and agreed by both parties.

with Client

Review and discuss the initial design and proposals. Budget allocation and forecasting meeting with Kiely bros management team and client.

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