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Our vision

Sustainable exceptional
As a business, we insist on delivering nothing short of exceptional. But we insist that exceptional is also sustainable. It’s what you, your customers and future generations deserve.

To help us achieve our goals, we’ve embedded core values into every level of our business – a set of standards, behaviours and guiding principles that help us continually and sustainably improve the performance of our employees and our business as a whole.

Our values


We listen to our people, clients and supply chain partners, and take pride in doing the right thing.


We do what we say we are going to do with no hidden agenda and always go above and beyond to exceed expectations.


We are loyal to our people, clients and supply chain partners. Your problem is our problem, and we include everyone to find solutions.

Protecting the planet

We’re facing enormous challenges. It’s the responsibility of us all to collaborate and work towards overcoming these, leaving a lasting positive legacy for future generations. As a business, all our actions and decisions are taken with a view to protecting the planet, supporting communities and delivering long-term value. These are the pillars that drive our sustainability vision. 
Measure and identify
We conduct vital work. But it has numerous environmental impacts that we’re always looking to minimise through human and engineering solutions.

The first stage in this is recognising just what our impact is. We monitor different energy consumption patterns throughout the entire business as part of our push for reduced carbon emissions and are currently in the process of identifying our overall carbon output via a calculator developed with our governing body, the RSTA.

We go much further than this though and actively seek to mitigate our impact and preserve resources wherever possible.
Going the extra mile with fewer miles
We’re pioneering techniques such as surfacing one area of a county per year to decrease movements of vehicles. Telematics has played an important role in not only efficient routing but also monitoring driver behaviour. It’s enabled us to train drivers to become more conscious of fuel efficiency, which has seen big results in fuel economy, emissions reduction and air quality.

While as a business we rely on fossil fuels, we’ve invested in new, greener machines that save carbon and costs and are always looking to make carbon savings elsewhere to offset this. More investment has been made in our recycling sector too, with additional injection on the surfacing side to reuse materials that would normally have to be brought in from quarries.

Our innovative ground breaking fines recovery plant

Supporting the community

While our contribution goes beyond tangible things, we realise that these are always extremely welcome and are continually looking to use our influence and expertise to help local communities thrive. Here’s what we’ve notched up so far in 2021…
Hours donated
From tree planting to creating playgrounds in deprived areas, our people are always happy to get their hands dirty.
In charitable donations
Fun runs, sponsored walks, rides and also just one-off donations to things we believe in. We’ve handed over a fair few oversized cheques.
Charitable partners
We have supported over 50 charitable organisations throughout the UK and Ireland.

UN Sustainability goals

In 2015, world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals (officially known as the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs). We ourselves want to create a better world and want to do all we can to help ending poverty, fight inequality and address the urgency of climate change. Guided by the goals, it is now up to all of us, governments, businesses, civil society and the general public to work together to build a better future for everyone.

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