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Roads, playgrounds, car parks, high-risk sites demanding coloured surfaces, studs and high-performance lines – whatever the application, we’ve left our mark and have the experience and skill to guide you through the process. We’re NHSS7 certified as well as ISO 9001 and 14001 accredited and use HAPAS approved materials, so you can be sure you’re dealing with the experts. As ever, preparation is key. We offer hydroblast removal of existing markings and a crack sealing and patching service (or, of course, we can supply a new surface if necessary). Next, an extensive charting process is used to mark where the lines, antiskid and potential cats-eyes should be laid. After a final check, your markings are applied. 

Our Road Marking & Lining services include:

Screed Road Markings

Screed markings are applied by pram or hand mould with our highly skilled and qualified operatives.
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Extrusion road markings are the most commonly used in the UK. Extrusion is used on carriageways by machine to accurately  meet specifications.
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Spray is a cost-effective thermoplastic road marking generally used to rejuvenate existing markings that have fallen below specified levels.
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Milled Stud

Traditional Catseye and advanced road studs, certificated to BSEN1463 to meet client specification are installed to provide the high durability required for our busy UK road network.
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Surface Applied Studs

Surface mounted studs are the quickest and easiest stud to use on a carriageway and still meet the required specifications.
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High Friction Surfacing

High friction or Antiskid is a specialized surfacing that provides another option when it comes to road safety.
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High Performance Road Markings

Using a heavily textured profile creates the best possible reflective properties that are currently available in thermoplastic road markings products ranges.
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