Kiely GlassMark is an ingenious surface solution crafted from 100% recycled industrial and consumer-grade glass, available in various sizes similar to traditional aggregates. With the UK's local authorities declaring a climate emergency, Kiely GlassMark serves as a game-changing addition to the market, offering a genuinely eco-friendly alternative to conventional proprietary mined aggregate-based coloured surface materials.

The glass undergoes a secondary process that involves mixing, colouring, and drying, rendering it ready for application. With a comprehensive Pantone matching service, the coloured product can be effortlessly applied by hand or machine in various settings, including hard shoulders, cycle paths, parking/charging bays, and pedestrian crossings. Its translucent properties provide a brighter, longer-lasting, and aesthetically superior finish, reducing the need for frequent remedial works—a significant advantage for organizations working within tight budgets.


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