Revolutionising road repairs, the Multipatcher machines have set a new standard for machinery providers worldwide. These innovative vehicles empower a single driver to patch, seal, and repair damaged roads without the need for additional personnel.


Featuring a remotely operated patching boom at the front and an in-cab adjustable chip spreader at the rear, the Multipatcher enables efficient repair of potholes, sealing of strips, and restoration of half widths of carriageways. By eliminating the need for workers to be on the carriageway, under the costly full traffic management setup, temporary road repairs can be conducted swiftly and safely.


Thanks to its exceptional speed, the Multipatcher can patch approximately 30 metres of road in under three minutes. This impressive capability allows Kiely Bros to offer a ‘find a fix’ matrix, maximising output within contracted timeframes. The onboard CPU stores valuable data such as material usage, GPS locations for auditing, and before/after images for invoicing, all overlaid on a mapping service.


Suitable for use on all road types, the Multipatcher represents a groundbreaking engineering achievement that has generated significant anticipation. Kiely Bros is excited to announce the arrival of their first Multipatcher for road trials, heralding a new era of efficient and effective road maintenance.

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