Keith Brett MinstLM , Contracts Director of Kiely Bros. Ltd has taken over as Chair of the Road Surface Treatments Association in April 2022.
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Mr Brett has been involved with the RSTA since its inception, serving for many years. He is currently Sector Chair of the Slurry Surfacing Committee and is an Executive Committee stalwart who has been involved in many other committees including the SHEQ, Surface Dressing, HFS and assisted in producing CofP documents (such as Guidance Document for Temporary Traffic Management at Surface Dressing sites) over the past 20 years.

Mr Brett is passionate about the surface treatments sector and has mentored and spoken on the subject both internally for staff, externally for Clients and for the RSTA at various forums or presentations recognising that a wider understanding of this important, cost effective and sustainable preventative maintenance treatment is paramount for the UK Network.

He is widely known and respected in the industry by Local Authorities, Clients, Suppliers, and those relying on his work through the various Technical Committees he serves on. He has worked in the highway maintenance industry for over 30 years for a variety of Surface Treatment companies and Mr Brett joined the Birmingham based, national contractor, Kiely Bros. in 2007. In this time, he has worked tirelessly to widen the company’s service offering and has been instrumental in the delivery of a variety of large-scale, high-profile contracts throughout the UK.

Commenting on his appointment, Mr Brett said: ”It is a great honour for me to take over as Chair of RSTA. To be able to now represent the organisation and the sector on a national platform is something that I am very passionate about. I would like to thank my employers at Kiely Bros. for their unwavering support in the time they allow me to dedicate to RSTA’s raft of technical committee’s. They, like me, are committed to promoting the benefits of surface dressing to the wider audience and showcasing the benefits of the processes.”

Mr Brett takes over as chair from Howard Robinson, Managing Director of ASI Solutions.

Paul Boss, Chief Executive of the RSTA said: “The RSTA is making great progress in placing surface treatments at the heart of proactive maintenance strategies on both the local and national networks and I am very much looking forward to working with Keith to take the organisation and its work even further.”

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