No more potholes: Here are all the roads in Halifax, Elland, Hebden Bridge, Sowerby, Shelf, Hipperholme and Lightcliffe getting repaired
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Calderdale Council has revealed a long list of roads across the borough which will be resurfaced.

Bitumen and stone chippings will be applied to the surface of the roads identified as needing repairs as part of a West Yorkshire-wide programme.

This work seals the road, making it more waterproof, improving surface texture and prolonging the life of the road by many years, says the council, adding it is a "quick, efficient and economic method of maintenance".

Work is scheduled to start this Saturday (June 25) in Hebden Bridge and continue through until the end of July.

The council has warned that this type of work is very weather dependent so could be subject to some short delays.

The work is being carried out by the contractor Kiely Bros who will deliver leaflets to affected residents before the start of work on each site.

Advance warning signs will also be put up, giving a two-day window for work to take place, allowing for a little flexibility.

Calderdale Council’s Leader, Tim Swift, said: “The annual programme of surface dressing work is being carried out across the borough on roads which have been identified as requiring improvements. This work will also prolong the life of the road surface.

"The works are very weather-dependent and have been scheduled for the summer months when they’re hopefully less likely to be subject to weather-related disruption. However, we’re keeping affected residents updated throughout the process and signage will be in place.”

During the surface dressing process, each road will be swept and all ironwork masked over. The road will then be sprayed with bitumen and covered with gritstone chippings which get rolled into the surface. This process will be completed in just a few hours.

In order to ensure that the road is completely covered and sealed, an excess of chippings is used so motorists are asked to take extra care while the surface beds in. The road will then be swept within the next 48 hours and then another two or three times over the next week. Road markings will then be reinstated.

On-street parking will not be possible while the actual surface dressing is taking place. However, access for vehicles and pedestrians to properties will be available, although potentially subject to short delays.

Road closures to prevent through traffic will be in place for the works on A649 Wakefield Road and A58 Leeds Road as well as Upper Field House Lane, Helm Lane, Birks Lane, Bowood Lane, Dean Lane - all in Sowerby - and Cold Edge Road, Wainstalls.

Here is the full list of roads included in this year’s programme:

A646 Halifax Road / King Street, Hebden Bridge

A649 Wakefield Road, Lightcliffe

A58 Leeds Road / White Hall Road, Hipperholme

A644 Brighouse and Denholm Gate Road, Shelf

Upper Field House Lane, Sowerby

Helm Lane, Sowerby

Birks Lane / Bowood Lane / Dean Lane, Sowerby

Wood Croft, Sowerby

Rooley Banks, Sowerby

Rooley Heights, Sowerby

The Newlands, Sowerby

Newlands Avenue, Sowerby

Scammonden Road / Butterworth End Lane / Moor Bottom Lane / Shaw Lane / Clough Road / Turbury Lane, Norland

Cold Edge Road, Wainstalls

Seed Hill Terrace / Long House Road, Mixenden

Thirmere Avenue, Elland

Grasmere Drive, Elland

Healthfield Avenue, Elland

Whitwell Grove, Elland

Whitwell Avenue, Elland

Whitwell Drive, Elland

Back Bower Road, Elland

Back Springfield Road, Elland

Grove Road, Elland

Turnpike Street, Elland

Springfield Road, Elland

Elland Lane, Elland

Alexandra Crescent, Elland

Beverley Close, Elland

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