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Earlier this year, the Prime Minister renewed the Conservatives pledge to put an end to the plague of potholes on British roads. 

Despite this, 2023 is already the third worst year on record for pothole related breakdowns, representing one of the biggest issues for constituents about the state of the UK’s road network. 

That’s why we at Kiely Bros are asking the Conservative party to commit to: 

1 Secure long-term road maintenance funding. The Conservatives already committed in the 2019 manifesto an additional £2bn in pothole repairs over the course of this parliament, and just this spring the Prime Minister committed £200m of further funding. Whilst a good step, we still face a backlog of repairs. Long-term funding and continued commitment to ensure local authorities have the necessary resources to tackle the backlog will be a real sign of government investment in local communities and levelling-up. 

2 Ensure funding for road maintenance is ringfenced. We believe in order to fund the estimated £14bn backlog of road maintenance repairs that our road network needs, funding should be dedicated exclusively for this purpose. This could be similar to the Pothole Action Fund established by the Conservatives in 2016, which led to an improvement of 7% on ‘good condition’ roads during its duration. 

3 Prioritise more cost-effective investment into preventative road surface dressing treatments. Change the approach to road maintenance from reactive to preventative. Surface dressing preserves, protects and extends the life of existing asphalt infrastructure for cheaper and more sustainably, reducing reactive maintenance costs and leading to fewer potholes. 

4 Provide local authorities with better guidance on road maintenance. Current road maintenance processes are currently inefficient, outdated and often too expensive. Combined with increased financial pressures, road maintenance is falling down the list of priorities for many local authorities. We call for greener and more cost-effective road maintenance guidelines, supported by industry, which emphasises durable solutions like road surface dressing to reduce costs on local authorities and extra costs to families. 5 Encourage greener surface dressing treatments instead of building new roads. Surface dressing is greener than building new roads and using traditional road surfacing methods, emitting only 0.175kg of CO2 per m2 . Prioritising surface dressing and extending the lifespan of existing infrastructure will guarantee a greener future with up to date infrastructure that can serve the British economy and public. 

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